About Our Foundation

Spirulina Nutritech Foundation (SNF)

SNF is a section-8 Non Profit Public Company (formerly section 25 companies CIN : U85110TN2010NPL074817) has been established by a Group of members who are working for the simple cost effective, easily adaptable solutions to combat Malnutrition among Children and Women.

SNF facilitates the direct promotion of Spirulina products and supports the small and medium scale Spirulina producing NGOs, SHGs and individuals.

SNF is also involved in the Spirulina product development and fortification for micronutrient enrichment thus SNF has developed products like Spirulina Crispies , Candies, Chikkies (For Children), tablets, capsules for adults and many RTS and RTE products fortified with Spirulina.

SNF is working to find the possibilities of developing and promoting the spirulina based supplements to cater the nutritional requirements of various segments in the market place such as

  1. Rural promotion (Cost effective and acceptable value-added Spirulina products)
  2. Retail promotion (Affordable and effective micronutrient dosage forms)
  3. Medical promotion (Micronutrient rich product to reduce the prognosis of disease)
  4. Institutional promotion (Malnourished Children, Cancer, HIV patients in Large)
SNF intends to support NGOs and SHGs involved in Spirulina production in order to sustain their project by providing them the suitable Spirulina products and procuring the raw Spirulina from them.


  1. Mr.D.Selvendran, M.Pharm , MBA., LLB., PGP-DM(SPJIMR).,EPGP-IIMK., Indian -Founder and Mentor
  2. Ms.Helen Geetha ,MBA., Indian Chairman -Director
  3. Dr.Arthi, Ph.D., Indian-Director-Technical Head
  4. Mr.P.Balaji, M.Pharm., Indian Director - Expert Advisor- Product Development
  5. Dr.Geetha, Ph.D., Indian -Member- Expert Advisor - Nutritional aspects
  6. Dr.Prabuthas, Ph.D., Indian -Member - Expert Food Technologist
  7. Dr.J.Jayapradha, MBBS., Indian -Member - Expert Doctor - Advisor field trials


SPRTC -a technical Unit of Spirulina Nutritech Foundation is established with the training center to promote the research to the rural villages and the like minded institutions through experts. SPRTC has been successfully Imparting Spirulina Production technology to rural women.

SPRTC through its supplementation programs enables rural women and children to progress towards the minimum required level of individual nutritional status by enabling rural women and through them rural children, to self sustainably access and consistently consume the required quantities of nutritionally efficiently micronutrient enriched food.

Important activities of SPRTC:

  • Reduction of malnutrition amongst children and women.
  • Initiating Rural women to self sustainably and locally produce Spirulina.
  • Imparting Spirulina Production technology to rural women.
  • Free and subsidized distribution of Spirulina to malnourished rural children.
  • Initiating studies and clinical trials to study the effect of Spirulina on people with various disorders and deficiencies.
  • Providing technical and scientific support to rural Spirulina producers.
  • To spread awareness amongst the general public on the exceptionally good qualities of Spirulina as food and as a high quality micronutrient supplement.