Aim: Eradicate malnourishment among rural school going children by enhancing their health status with the effective tool - Spirulina candy – a super natural food supplement.
Since 2010, our Feeding program has focused on helping rural children to increase health status by consuming Green Tongue candy continuously. Now, we are broadening that focus to reach more children to overcome undernourishment and diverse markets for Spirulina farmers. With the help of our farmers, nutrition students and school personnel , we’ve created a Spirulina Feeding Program to encourage a generation of spirulina consumers and increase the well-being and nutrition of students.

Your support sets in motion a chain of events that gets nutritious candy to students who need it most.
  • Spirulina collected from rural farmers and processed into candies.
  • Packaged candies distributed (a candy/day) to school children of ages 3 to 10 through school management.
  • Delivery to children of rural schools in the North West part of Madurai.
  • Periodical observation of children health status is monitored by Nutrition students of collaborating educational institutions

By supporting the Spirulina Feeding Program , you are:

  • Providing Spirulina for children who suffer from a lack of proper nutrition
  • Empowering students to focus on learning instead of hunger
  • Increasing farmer’s incomes and reducing poverty.

“Your Investment Spreads Green Tongue Smile”

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