AIM: To facilitate the interested personnel to be conversant in all aspects of Spirulina production (process as developed& implemented by SPRTC) and be able to independently produce spirulina.

MEDIUM: English & Tamil
VENUE: Spirulina Production, Research and Training Centre , Kondayampatti village, Madurai
TRAINEES / BATCH: Minimum 4 to maximum 8
CAPABILITIES IMPARTED: On completion of the training the trainee will be able to
  • Independently produce spirulina.
  • Trouble shoot spirulina production
  • Set up production centre
Morphology & Characteristics Scale Up Process Quality Control Growth Factors
Tank Construction Troubleshooting Methods Nutrient Calculation Inoculation Methods
Costing & Project Estimation Culture maintenance Harvesting, Drying & Processing Introduction To Product Value Addition
Course material & Review aids Certificate Of Participation Material for practical training Food : Breakfast & Lunch
Seed Culture Accommodation: Twin sharing Non A/C accommodation
1 Commercial Entrepreneurs / Students/ Researchers 4 days INR 18000
2 NGOs / Social Institutions 4 days INR 16000
3 *Foreign Nationals 4 days USD 600
FEE CONCESSION : Considered on request for groups.
* Conditions Apply


  • Training slots are being fixed every time based on the requests received.
  • Training slots are confirmed 3 weeks in advance.


  • To be paid two week in advance. On confirmation of your interest the bank details will be informed
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MOHAMMED MUTHEEB, Erode [Sep’18] Teaching, Theoretical exposure and working experience is excellent.  Overall my confident is hike. I can also do or  run this spirulina farm very well in successful manner. Thanking you for sharing experience and knowledge with care. 

NAGA VANDHANA, Hosur [Sep’18]
I felt happy to choose this training centre, because SPRTC gives exact and perfect information regarding Spirulina. My understanding by seeing YOUTUBE was different but when attend the class I came to know real nutritional values and it’s uses.

From this training we got knowledge about production, about fertilizers how to calculate how to feed the tank.  The most important part is seed how to inoculate, the seed and how to make mother culture. I must say it is little difficult to do but not impossible.  People from my town are not even aware about it.  So many poor people might get benefits of it and I want to be a source to them on their first choice. From this 7 days training session we learnt all about spirulina cultivation and so many about it.

HARI OM MISHRA, Allahabad [July’18]
SPRTC Spirulina training program is nice. They train us how to harvest and culture spirulina.   They know how to teach people.  After training any one can know how culture and harvest spirulina. They have training program schedule. In this schedule they teach us every aspect of spirulina. When we  start our own spirulina farm this is very useful for us. Every staff is very good and nice. Here every one feel like family and it is nice for our training.  Our training program is very good and say very excellent.

அனைவரின் அறிமுகம் மிகச்சிறப்பாக அமைந்தது SPIRULINA பற்றிய வகுப்புகள் சிறப்பாகவும் முழுமையாகவும் அமைந்தது. சுத்தம், ஒழுங்கு, தேவைக்கேற்ப பேச்சு, மற்றவர் கண்ணோட்டத்தில் புரிந்து கொள்ளும் தன்மை, காற்றோட்டமான வசதி, சுத்தமாக தரமான உணவு, நல்ல உயர்ந்த பண்புகள் இவை அனைத்தும் என்னை கவர்ந்தது.  

MATHUR MAHESHWARI, Rajasthan [Dec’17]
All details including training schedule, accommodation details and co-trainee details were shared through e.mail before arrival. Hotel stay arrangement was well managed and received welcome letter from SPRTC which was containing details about training. SPRTC campus is at very good location, green all around with farms and mountain. Theoretical sessions were well prepared in PPT which contains all the topic in proper sequence. We got complete hands on experience on Spirulina cultivation. Overall I had satisfied experience, better than expected. It was worth spending time & money with SPRTC. I believe it will help me in future.

Ms. GEETASHORI YUMNAM, Manipur [Aug’17]
The nice thing about SPRTC is the management like, timing of the class schedule , accommodation, food its really good and comfortable. Allt the class were conducted nicely that a common person can easily cope up with the terms and technology. And about the practical and hands on training were conducted with the supporting team of SPRTC. We enjoy our practical session without any hardship/ difficulty.

Dr. Asem Sundari Devi, Imphal [ Aug’17]
Overall I have learnt so many things about spirulina, the cultivation, harvesting, and drying process with the help of the spirulina production, research and training center learn like Sir. Selvendran, Madam. Arthi, Karthick and other workers staff. We have clear most of the doubt and the trouble shooting / problems during the cultivation.We got the knowledge of the project to start spirulina and marketing .We did some mistakes also while projecting the case but trainers help us a lot to get the solution.I am thankful to SPRTC team not only for the training and technology but also the hospitality they provided us was amazing.

Mr.Kumaran, Bangalore [Apr’17]
The training was very good. I got to know more knowledge of spirulina. The trainers have done their best to enlighten on the spirulina cultivation. During the training I learnt tank construction, parameters to be followed while spirulina cultivation.In the training I also learnt about the health benefits of spirulina and was amazed to know the spirulina super food. Now I am palnning to start a small unit of my own farm and do some social work and earn for myself too. The trainers are expert in this field and there is lot more to be learned from the trainers.

Mr. Ricardo M. Davila Otoya , England [Apr’17]
I am so glad I found and took this training . I was day dreaming about starting a farm and this training helped me. See clearly farming Spirulina is not for me but commercially it is a more viable option. The course fully satisfied my wishes to learn more about the Spirulina a nutrient and business. The interactions and information ignites my imagination about the possibilities ahead not only for my health but for promoting and commercial living. I feel more confident about starting a Spirulina business and compiled about the social enterprise/ impact that it can have in society. I was humbled at how well treated I was by everyone, it was a heartwarming experience at a personal level. I really loved the quality control, harvesting, financials and nutritional value sessions.

Mr. Devendra D Thakare, Palghar, Maharastra [Jan’17]
First I have got lot of things, regarding cultivation of spirulina. Hope I will be implement at my place. Thanks to all your team members for the support toward completion of my training program successfully.

Mr. N. Pavan Kumar,Hyderabad [Jan’17]
Very good insights about the manual spirulina training. Spirulina cultivation methods are real time experience. Marketing techniques are eye opening session. Good accommodation and comfortable stay like family. Nice trouble shooting techniques. Good support from technical and workers. Overall learnt a lot and training fulfilled all my initial requirements.

Mr. Shivang Patel, Ahmedabad [June’16]
The three days training program from SPRTC is really useful for us. By this training we got the full technical information about spirulina and its cultivation in all aspects. We are also taught how to trouble shoot the problems related to the cultivation and maintenance of the spirulina. Overall, we got plenty of knowledge about the spirulina. Thanks to SPRTC for their support.

Mr. Abhimanyu Pancholi, Bhilwara [June’16]
Before the training program in SPRTC, I am not clear to see my vision for spirulina, very confusing things are coming with no solution. So I have decided to get training in SPRTC. Previously I was thinking that everything we can learn with the net, online websites, research papers but actually practical and field knowledge won’t come in these. I learnt lot of things about media, culture maintenance, harvesting technique, agitation and trouble shooting. During Training I enjoyed doing practical.

Dr. Gabriel D.Malan, Namibia, South Africa [June’16]
The theoretical information and lessons was very simple, but do give the necessary information. The information can be understood by a person with only high school science/ biology. Still it is not lacking in knowledge. The practical sessions and work is very important. The practical work complements the theoretical information beautifully. It shows the experience and skill by which the training course is being conducted. Everything has a specific reason and is being done in a specific way. This makes it very easy for a trainee to go home and start a Spirulina culture tank. Because everything is so well explained, it is easy to scale-up and mechanize.The practical work helps with self-confidence and problem solving. The personal and staffs are very friendly, help full, patient, professional and shows a great deal of experience in training / teaching new trainees for their own Spirulina culturing. The personal and staff are truly committed to help and support the trainee. I recommend this specific training course to all that are interested in culturing their own Spirulina –small scale or big industrial scale.

Mr. R.Rajkumar, Hyderabad [June’16]
SPRTC is a good training centre for Spirulina cultivation. This foundation provides very good and hygienic accommodation and traveling for trainees. In this training centre they practically give the all equipments what trainees need. SPRTC mainly gives more healthy food and Spirulina juice to trainees which helps to be healthy, active and gain more immune power. SPRTC gives employment for rural uneducated women and it’s very good thing.SPRTC is a nonprofit foundation. SPRTC gives Spirulina products to rural children. Finally they are very good in giving Spirulina powder to unhealthy people like HIV, cancer patients with very non-profit cost.

Ms. Claire Goirand, Philippines [May’16]
I really appreciate to discuss about the differences between India and Philippines. I now, with practical classes more aware of what we have to put in our business plan. The part why I came, very very interesting I’m now more confident. More I learn , more I have new questions. Case study presentation is a very good exercise with your questions, you put us to anticipate, to think about how we will do now in our situation. It would have been necessary to have more time to do changes, or to decide the conception of our farm.In conclusion you all are very patient (for our poor English, for all our 2 times or more same questions).and master the subject of Spirulina. I am happy to know we will keep in touch.

Mr.Fabien Dubois , Philippines [May’16]
Before coming, I don’t read a lot about Spirulina, I really learn a lot during this training. Now everything is more clear for me. The mix between practical and theoretical courses is really important because we need to experiment. In our session, we are 4 trainees really small. The condition is really perfect to learn, to ask questions, repeat if I don’t understand, practice with staff who are taking care what we are doing. I appreciate the vision of SPRTC who offer training to the private people to follow training about Spirulina. During these days, I feel more and more tired. The reason was not the physical work. I think that all these courses ask me a lot concentration, when we arrived in a hotel, we continue working for our project about branding/ cost / how to adapt to reduce our expenses. Thank you to all the staff of SPRTC Madurai, we discover two cultures during this training- Spirulina and Indian culture.

Mr.Navin Kumar Verma, Mumbai [May’16]
Over all I am feeling happy and when I leave the institute I shall be a confident man to start my own production without any fear or anxiety. It also adds to my confidence that I have a backing of institute like SPRTC. Its helpful faculties staff in case of any difficulties. I am confident that they would come to my rescue if I ask for help if even it should arise. One thing which comes to my mind that learning never stops even at the age of 62, I felt like a college student again. I would never forget these days of my life and would have a cherished memory always.

Mr.Sunit Gupta , Lucknow [May’16]
I was expecting the practical knowledge on Spirulina production side-by-side. Mother culture sustaining. After going through the hand on activities, discussions and all class room presentations accommodated my knowledge increased many fold, developing confidence in me. During this period I can say that my doubts were cleared to the tune of 90%, rest 10% will be cleared while doing / executing it at my place.

Mr. Karthikeyan, Chidambaram, TN [Apr’15]
The training at SPRTC is very excellent. The theory and practical classes on Spirulina culture is very informative. I got the full confidence of culture the Spirulina independently in my farm. It is a very useful and helpful in inspiring a Spirulina farm. The trainers are very good teachers and very much knowledgeable. The farm workers are very sincere and dedicated in their works. They are well trained in medium preparation, pond maintenance, harvesting and drying process. Excellent and best course material. I wish them all success in their endeavor.

Mr. Sanjiv Acharya, Vadodara [Apr’15]
It will be too less and insufficient to write about training report, because for training will be on going process that started from SPRTC – Madurai and will be continued at my site. Precisely speaking from day1 to last day of training we have learnt the Spirulina farming purely in a very accurate, precise and scientific method. The entire syllabus covered topics from selection of site till marketing of the same. Which have flow charts. We are so happy that we were given independently separate tank, in which we started filling of water, adding nutrients preparing to medium, including the spirulina culture to the same, harvesting, washing, pressing, drying and finally making the powder.